Our Values

We adhere to a set of value systems that defines our organization culture.

Welcome to Soham Consultants !

We operate mainly in three domains - Management Consulting, Educational Consulting and Consulting Services to Banks and other Financial Institutions. .

Soham also works on specific marketing projects for both domestic and international clients. In case of global players from other countries, we help them in their business expansion plans in India.

Quick Banker is a division of Soham that is specifically into rendering consulting services to Banks and other Financial Institutions. For more information relating to the services of Quick Banker, please visit www.quickbanker.com.

Intelli Interface is also a division of Soham.

Intelli Interface renders consulting services in Education Domain. For more information on our Educational and Career Consulting Services, please visit www.intelliinterface.com..

Our Business Solutions

Our Business Solutions are available in the following domains:

  1. Coaching the Chief and all other "C" cadre executives
  2. Vision Deployment
  3. Business Planning
  4. Marketing Planning
  5. Direct Marketing
  6. Building Operational Efficiencies
  7. Standard Operating Procedures
  8. Performance Management
  9. Cost Management
  10. Competency Building and Succession Planning
  11. Customer Relationship Management
  12. Developing Leaders at all levels